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ABC of ADHD An infographic of ADHD basics Understand ADD
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The ABCs of ADHD – An Infographic

The essentials of ADHD that every parent needs to know - what it is, types, causes, how it is diagnosed,


7 Reasons Why My ADHD Girl Is Special (and maybe yours is too)

My girl has so many wonderful behaviour traits that make me breathe easy, knowing she is on the right track. These are what give me confidence that she will grow up to be a happy, successful and compassionate lady who is loved by all.

A New Day Speech by Oprah for Teens

‘A New Day’ – Oprah’s Golden Globe Speech for a 13-year old

Dear D, You left for your boarding school last Sunday. A few hours later, on the same day, I heard a phenomenal person deliver an even more phenomenal piece of oration. Last Sunday, the Golden Globe Awards were held in Los Angeles. These are the first of the award ceremonies that lead up to the… Continue reading ‘A New Day’ – Oprah’s Golden Globe Speech for a 13-year old

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What is Attention? Let’s take a few minutes to understand it.

People suffering from ADHD have low levels of attention. I know that. So do you. But what exactly do we mean by 'attention'? I, for one, wasn't as sure about that. Did I know what it encompasses? I wondered if there were others who had similar questions. So I set out to find out and share… Continue reading What is Attention? Let’s take a few minutes to understand it.

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Concerta – First Thoughts

Concerta 18mg has been given to her on 3 days so far. The one change that is noticeable is that she is a calmer child. The extra energy that she possessed at times isn't sprouting its head from time to time. The bubbly effervescence is lesser. Ability to concentrate while studying - this has been a… Continue reading Concerta – First Thoughts

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A Carefree Dreamer

My teenager is a dreamer, a happy-go-lucky, carefree soul. She is a strong reader. Give her a book and she is in her happy place. She can read anything - from the newspaper in which the clothes are wrapped to the fine print on official bills, menus. You get it. Written assignments - those are… Continue reading A Carefree Dreamer

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Does Medication Work for ADHD?

Today (July 4, 2017) we started her medication. This drug is going to improve her concentration, help her focus and therefore assist her in her studies and to remember things. We had been told that she may suffer loss of appetite and the medication could also affect her sleeping pattern. It is important that we notice these changes… Continue reading Does Medication Work for ADHD?