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Medication & Therapy, Understanding ADHD

What is Attention? Let’s take a few minutes to understand it.

People suffering from ADHD have low levels of attention. I know that. So do you. But what exactly do we mean by 'attention'? I, for one, wasn't as sure about that. Did I know what it encompasses? I wondered if there were others who had similar questions. So I set out to find out and share… Continue reading What is Attention? Let’s take a few minutes to understand it.

Medication & Therapy

Concerta – First Thoughts

Concerta 18mg has been given to her on 3 days so far. The one change that is noticeable is that she is a calmer child. The extra energy that she possessed at times isn't sprouting its head from time to time. The bubbly effervescence is lesser. Ability to concentrate while studying - this has been a… Continue reading Concerta – First Thoughts

Understanding ADHD

A Carefree Dreamer

My teenager is a dreamer, a happy-go-lucky, carefree soul. She is a strong reader. Give her a book and she is in her happy place. She can read anything - from the newspaper in which the clothes are wrapped to the fine print on official bills, menus. You get it. Written assignments - those are… Continue reading A Carefree Dreamer