Medication & Therapy

Concerta – First Thoughts

Concerta 18mg has been given to her on 3 days so far.

The one change that is noticeable is that she is a calmer child. The extra energy that she possessed at times isn’t sprouting its head from time to time. The bubbly effervescence is lesser.

Ability to concentrate while studying – this has been a mixed bag. We are testing it out by making her do some amount of Mathematics  – which is not her favourite subject. To add to that, this is the very last week of her vacations before she returns to boarding school. Not ideal conditions, yes, unfortunately. We realise that as well. Given that improvement in her ability to focus while studying is key, and given that we decided to go to counsellor just about 8 day prior to her return to school, we are not left with much choice.

The first day, the lack of excitement and effervescence, the calmness helped her to put in two one hour stretches of math (with about a half hour break in between). Day 2 – she just didn’t want to study. She was defiant and completely stonewalled all attempts to study. Today, on Day 3, she did study but there was a hardly any concentration.

Early days but, till now the medicine has not helped to improve her concentration during studies.

Appetite – so far not much change. Lunch is slightly reduced, though not significantly. Breakfast and dinner are the same.

Sleep – She has been able to sleep off by 11 pm, which is pretty much when she has been sleeping during this vacation. So not much change in her sleep pattern either.

Yes, we do realise it is too soon to have a pattern. I did want to record my initial thoughts. I also would like to know what you felt after the first few days of starting your child on drugs.

What were the first changes you saw in your child? When did you actually notice a improvement in your child’s concentration?


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