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Does Medication Work for ADHD?

Today (July 4, 2017) we started her medication. This drug is going to improve her concentration, help her focus and therefore assist her in her studies and to remember things.

We had been told that she may suffer loss of appetite and the medication could also affect her sleeping pattern. It is important that we notice these changes

After a regular breakfast ( a glass of milk and 2 slices of French toast ), she took her first Concerta 18 mg at around 10 am.

Today, I felt she was a wee bit more focussed on her work, while studying Mathematics. The difference in her level of concentration was neither major nor obvious, but it was there. Even though she got tired after an hour and needed a break, it was easier to get her back to Maths after the break that it has been in the past. Small things like that.

I did not feel there was any major change in her appetite or her sleeping pattern.

Her streaks of disobedience were lesser during the day. Though, they were beginning to rear their head around 11 pm or so at night when I was getting her to switch off her lights and go to sleep!

When she heard some peppy music playing in a shopping mall, she couldn’t stop herself from dancing. That was such a sweet moment.

Ofcourse, it is only day 1. (Yes, I know:)). Am I being impatient or am I being organised, noting down every little detail – so that I am prepared with all our feedback when we have to go and meet the doctor next time.

How were your first few days on medication for ADHD? Did you also start off with Concerta?

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