Understanding ADHD

The Signs (that had us worried)

There were these little (or not-so-little) things that we (her Dad and I) felt were different about her. We were concerned. There were times we even lost our patience and shouted at her. Yes, we did regret the shouting.

  1. There is the lack of concentration, especially while studying.
    Yes, when other kids are completely focussed on doing their work and on finishing the task at hand, our daughter is day-dreaming. She is oblivious to the real world around her, her books or what the teacher might be saying. Her mind drifts off to other places, to a distant land, a world of dreams.
    It is as if she has switched off.
  2. The result is her homework takes hours to complete.
    This leads to frustration, incomplete work and more work being piled up. This is the most common complaint from her teachers – her lack of interest in completing her work.
  3. She misses to register bits of what is going on in class and of what the teacher is saying.
    Even if she misses one part, understanding the rest becomes that much more challenging.
  4. We wondered if it was a lack of motivation that made her mind not want to concentrate.
    It seemed that there were few things that motivated her, things like reading, watching TV, swimming. These things she could focus on. While the other tasks dragged on forever.
  5. Daily tasks take inordinate amounts of time.
    Routine, ordinary, everyday tasks like bathing, brushing, changing clothes extended on forever. She needed constant reminders. We have to be after her, knocking at her bathroom door, even shouting at her.
  6. There was the picking on her skin around the nails.

There are good days and there are the not so good days. There are times when she is so determined, focussed and motivated that she amazes us. We wonder why she can’t be like this more often?

Does your child exhibit similar signs? What were the symptoms that he or she showed when that you decided you needed to have her examined?

It would be lovely to hear from you all.


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